Hoping this post finds you healthy and happy! Even though I am not really using my clothing for more than my weekly visit to the post office, I wanted to share with you this content which I had already created before the pandemic. If we get lucky, we might be able to use these trends before Fall arrives (crossing fingers).

On Fashion Week SS20, I prepared the first trend report on Tropical Statement and I must say, my fashion game has changed thanks to it.

The trend reports have became my go-to source when deciding what to add to my wardrobe for the season. It is a great guide for me to go back whenever I need some inspo or just to check out what will be on trend. It is my secret weapon and the source to all my recommendations. They are shared on the fashion section of the blog just for you.

Those report feel like preparing a paper for school but now I can’t imagine this journey without them.


Trend Report: SS20

Now that we have discussed the importance of fashion week for people in the industry and fashion month is officially over, let’s review together the trends that for me, will be huge in SS2020. I had to find the words to express how excited I got after seeing the runways (on Youtube) lol! The whole…

Check out my latest trend reports here

Going back to fashion week for SS20, there were A LOT of suits and dots. Bubble sleeves were a must and black leather was huge even though Spring tends to be all flowers and pastels.

I have created 4 looks following these trends my own way. Always using pieces I already own.

Monochromatic Suit

Black and White Polka Dots

Black Leather Everything

Minis are back

Spring 2020 Outfits inspired by TS SS20 Trend ReportPolka dots skirt dress outfit inspiration with tights.

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