point 150 to be exact.

If you are here and you were back then, you are my OG and I would like to say thank you!

When starting my digital hustling, here on the blog to be exact, I knew it was a difficult industry.

As the big nerd I am, I focused first on studying the business and how influencers I know with several thousands followers under their names began their path.

By doing so, I discovered there are simple ways.

  1. You follow a bunch of people with the same interests and they will follow you back
  2. You get into community groups with people with similar feeds and you have to like everyone’s picture so they will like back yours
  3. By the same community groups, you comment and share others picture and they will do the same for you
  4. You post 3 times a day to increase engagement
  5. You affiliate with a brand JUST to get more followers

And I tried them all.

Now you see, I got to a point where my followers did increase but I realized that was not the reason I started. It was not genuine to be followed by people that just followed me because I like their pictures and increased their engagement. I was exhausted from liking and commenting content I didn’t care, just to have a higher engagement on return and at the same time having to invest my real lifetime doing so. It is kind of crazy, uh?

I think so too.

So yes, I am completely changing my strategy! In the past few months I have being very low key on Instagram. I wanted to start from the beginning with my OGs (you!) and be as raw and authentic I can be.

After several months of being off the blog because its design didn’t meet my “standards” anymore, I have managed to make it presentable so I can start sharing with you again!

I have found many of you are interested in real life issues like my digital hustle, my career in fashion, my struggles on trying to be a “communicator” speaking a second language and more so this is the way to keep you updated.

You all know Instagram is a sneak peak but here is where I really open my heart. I am aware that not everybody finds time to read. I feel special people are the ones reading my posts and that makes me as comfortable as if I am talking face to face with a friend.

So welcome back to my intimate not so intimate space, now we are going to get deep into the fashion business and talk about many upcoming projects.

Thank you for been part of my blogging journey, even if this is your first time reading me.

I appreciate you.


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