This time, I’ll show you how to style oversized cargo pants. As I’ve mentioned before, for me this trend was far from something I wanted to try. I am petite, I am curvy and I should not emphasize volume on the bottom part of my body but I can’t deny how comfortable it is to wear them and they make you look really “cool” instantly.

I forced myself to get my first pair (after an IG poll obv) and now I don’t want to use a pair of jeggings ever again!

The key to pull off this trend if you are not comfortable adding volume to your bottom is to find a high-waisted fit and using crop tops that fit you just above your waist.

If you are short, finding some oversized pants that show your ankle will help you to elongate your body and using them with heels is also a really cool look.

One thought on “How To Wear Baggy Cargo Pants

  1. Hi my dear Chetina.
    I like this article and the pictures.
    Just one thing, you will not want to use again a Jeggins or a Legging,


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