Anyone wishing to read anything not #COVID-19 related? Welcome!

I disappeard for the most part of March from the blog as I am dedicating a lot of time to my online store. I really love to have a mini business, it is really fun but it takes a lot of time and commitment. I’ll tell you more about it soon on the business section of this blog 🙂

We are here for another #stylingedition. This time I’ll be showing you how to put together outfits using black leather for Spring.

If you remember my past SS20 Trend Report post, black leather was a really strong trend for this season so I found it important to share some lewwwwks (looks).

The Oversized Belted Jacket

If there is a trendy piece made of leather is this oversized leather jacket. It is a common find on vintage and thrift stores (experience talking) and it’s making its come back straight from the 80s.

For this outfit I am using a Genuine Leather Trench Coat and added a leather belt from a dress I own to complete the look. The look I put together looks nice with sandals or combat boots.

Leather Baggy Pants

Another statement piece for this season is baggy pants, specially leather ones. To be honest this trend was not easy for me to acquire, I am curvy and I fell it makes me look shorter. I bought these pants because I knew how trendy they are and I found them in a vintage store so I took them home with me and posted them on the shop but after a few outfits I am thinking to take keep them.

If you wear baggy pants the right way, you’ll fall in love with them. They are comfortable and gives you a total fashionable look as this is a popular silhouette at the moment.

The No-Biker Jacket

When you think about a leather piece, the James Dean biker jacket is in the top of our mind but choosing a not so conventional piece helps to take your outfit to another level.

This time I am using a leather blazer (vintage as well) and paired it with my blue boots and handbag for a touch of colour.

Multiple Shades

This one is pretty much to show you that leather outfits don’t have to be all black. These boots are actually pleather material (not real leather) and they still look good together.

Leather + Leather

There are no rules when pairing two pieces of black leather together. A little piece of advice: avoid rings that will scratch your pieces!

Thanks for reading me,


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