Let me show you… BOGOTA, COLOMBIA

Colombia podría ser fácilmente el país que más he visitado, viviendo en Panamá resulta muy fácil darse una escapada y la verdad ha sido inevitable tomarle tanto cariño ya que tengo los mejores recuerdos de paseos con amigos o sola. Una de las razones por la que me encanta tanto es que Colombia tiene un … Continue reading Let me show you… BOGOTA, COLOMBIA

Escape the Concrete Jungle

For those who live a “normal life” with 8 to 5 hour hand it gets really difficult to have a little break and do something you really are passionate about. Even if I love my job I just wanted to do something by myself. That’s when I had the marvelous idea of creating this BLOG! … Continue reading Escape the Concrete Jungle

Makeup makes me happy

In my beloved country we dream about having a SEPHORA store but we must settle with the few makeup stores that exists. While trying to find a specific lipstick color I discovered a store that sells the best drugstore brands in the greengo market place. I got craaaaaaazy. Not just the quality, the packages and … Continue reading Makeup makes me happy