Balmain X Puma

Another day, another collaboration. It seems high fashion designers are trying harder than ever to reach the masses. I am not complaining, I know well that I am part of the masses and that by having an “expensive taste” I have to carefully choose the pieces I am investing my money in as my clothes … Continue reading Balmain X Puma

Let me show you… TORONTO, CANADA

For those who don't know I am actually a Torontonian. YEEEES my english is awful, I know, but I was born in this amazing country and taken back to Panama when I was a little cute baby. That been said "coming back to Toronto" is actually returning to a part of me that I actually … Continue reading Let me show you… TORONTO, CANADA

Let me show you… SEVILLA, SPAIN

This was my favorite city in the whole trip. Have a sneak peek of Sevilla with tropicalstatement