Trend Report: SS20

Now that we have discussed the importance of fashion week for people in the industry and fashion month is officially over, let's review together the trends that for me, will be huge in SS2020. I had to find the words to express how excited I got after seeing the runways (on Youtube) lol! The whole … Continue reading Trend Report: SS20

Accessories added to my wishlist after Fashion Month SS2O

Currently working my ass off so my wishlist goes beyond that Pinterest board for once. But seriously though, accessories are the easiest way to be on trend without spending all your money on new clothes. Here are the trends on accessories, including the ones that are on my wishlist directly from the runways. For sure … Continue reading Accessories added to my wishlist after Fashion Month SS2O


If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't I will ask again WHY?, OK no pressure *Instagram @andreita.tropical just in case) you may have noticed that lately I have been posting my OOTD (outfit of the day)- this have been happening almost daily for the last couple of weeks now. Andrea, why suddenly do … Continue reading OOTD – MIRROR SELFIE 1 EDITION

SneakerHead? All about my collection

As you know, moving abroad implied moving my closet. A bit difficult situation for someone who wants to take it all. My friends told me that I couldn’t take everything with me, all the blogs and vlogs about moving out said “you can’t take it all” but I always told myself, taking it all should … Continue reading SneakerHead? All about my collection

Saying goodbye to my TROPICAL outfits

Creo que es el momento de tocar un tema que he estado evitando en este blog, me mudo de país a principios de junio.  Es algo de lo que quería hablar en posts más adelante pero hoy que me senté a escribir  lo único que salía de mi mente era esto y no es de … Continue reading Saying goodbye to my TROPICAL outfits

Summer, I won’t let you go

Querido verano, me rehuso a aceptar que te fuiste. Para suerte de mi closet, en Panamá puedes usar tu vestido de baño todo el año. #ElParaiso Esta vez he vuelto ha hacer de las mías y aproveché el SALE que tenía Hunkemoller en trajes de baño, justo para esta temporada en la que nadie compra … Continue reading Summer, I won’t let you go

I will never…

Como vivo en un país HOT AS F*%$ para mí ver que se ponía de moda (o volvía la moda, no estoy muy segura) usar pelo en los zapatos, carteras, etc etc etc.... era una moda HORRIBLE. Mientras más lo veía más ridículo me parecía pero como dice Biebs nunca digas nunca y cuando hablamos … Continue reading I will never…

Escape the Concrete Jungle

For those who live a “normal life” with 8 to 5 hour hand it gets really difficult to have a little break and do something you really are passionate about. Even if I love my job I just wanted to do something by myself. That’s when I had the marvelous idea of creating this BLOG! … Continue reading Escape the Concrete Jungle